What is your history? Where does your history begin?

The Buxton Inn began 202 years ago as a tavern with boarding rooms. Over the years, the Buxton has Buxton Old School Photoserved as much more than an inn. Its history includes being a stagecoach stop, a gathering location for troops before departing for war, a space to welcome dignitaries, as well as, a place to rest your head and have a great meal.

As brand new owners, we are preparing to lead the Inn into the 203rd year of business. We find it important to breathe new life into this special place while preserving and restoring its historic character. And most importantly, sharing its stories.

As a matter of fact, if you are a long-term friend of The Buxton Inn, you will notice some renovations have already occurred . We removed the carpet in The Bonnie Bounell Room to find the original oak floors with walnut pegs dating back to 1856. Amazingly, the floors were in wonderful condition and with a little help from our great craftsmen, brought back to their original glory for everyone to enjoy.

Buxton Bonnie Bounell Reno Collage

Other improvements include updating 13 of 25 overnight guest suites, painting the buildings exteriors and refreshing the landscapes. The updated rooms keep the historic feel of the Inn with the antique furniture & beautiful hard wood floors but keep you comfortable with modern amenities.Buxton Room CollageWe continue to work hard to usher The Buxton Inn into this new era, ensuring it is ready for all of the new uses that will be required of it.

**Our goal is to keep fans updated on all the great things happening here at The Buxton Inn through this blog. Check back every couple of weeks to see what’s new. **

What is your history with The Buxton Inn? Please share any of your stories with us here or on our Facebook page.


  1. While staying at the Buxton I experienced something. It felt like it Sat on the end of the bed.

    • Hi Joe, This might have been the ghost cat Major. He was the cat of Bonnie Bounell, when she owned The Inn. Guests often say they can feel Major hop up on beds, walk in a circle and then lie down.

  2. Stayed there over 100 times loved every time we stayed

    • Hi Loletta, Thanks for being such a wonderful patron of The Buxton Inn. We hope to see you again soon.

  3. My wife and I got engaged at the Buxton in October of 2011. We come back every October to celebrate our anniversary. There is something special about the Buxton in the fall. We will be back this Saturday, the 17th. So looking forward to it. Hopefully we will have another ghostly encounter as well!!


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