The Buxton Inns’ Haunted History

There is nothing more All-American than Fall in Granville, OH.  The leaves are changing, the community is bustling with visitors, and village homes are decorated with carved pumpkins and spooky spider webs.  Setting the perfect scene for a visit to The Buxton Inn. As you may or may not be aware The Buxton Inn is known to be one of the most haunted places in Ohio.  Making us the perfect October destination.

The most talked about ghostly experiences stem from two of our more infamous proprietors.  Bonnie Bounell (aka The Lady in Blue) along with her cat Major and Major Buxton (whom the cat was named after).  Both Buxton Inn owners dedicated their lives, some would also say their after-lives, to this place.  Bonnie and her cat, Major, are typically experienced in their former residence which is now known as room #9.  The smell of Bonnies sweet perfume is said to linger while many of our guests have claimed to be awoken by what felt like a cat snuggling up to them in the middle of the night.

Major Buxton, owner from 1865-1905, seemingly prefers to be encountered in the main dining areas.  There was a time here that sightings of him were so prevalent that employees would set a spot for him in the dining room.  While we don’t do that any more his presence has still been seen meandering the downstairs hallways.

Personally, I find the odd going’s on of late a bit more interesting.  This summer we were working on one of our guest houses.  Our maintenance man placed a furniture dolly on the grass next to the street.  It is important to note here that he laid it down.  It was not setting up on the wheels.  As a funeral procession went by and the last car passed the furniture dolly flew into the street…unprovoked with no one around it. Try and explain that??

Finally, one of the creepiest encounters involved our new owner, Bob Schilling.  He was here on a sleepy Saturday morning this summer when the experience happened.  Bob was walking outside and turned the corner to come in the front entrance.  The first thing he noticed was a women sitting on the bench in rather unusual attire.  Dressed all in black she wore a dress that seemed to be something from the 1800’s and was covered in a familiar dust.  Bob, having spent much of his childhood in rural Ohio, recognized this dust as something his grandmother used to be covered in.  It came off of the old dirt roads before things were paved (just as the roads would have been here in Granville back in the 1800’s).  As he got closer to her he noticed her skin was very pale, almost grey, with deep inset wrinkles.  He bent down and got within inches of her face and asked if she needed help.  He said that she looked at him, very shocked and just barely nodded her head in recognition of him. He began to walk away and within a few seconds he turned around to ask her another question…but she was gone.  No where to be found.

Have you ever had stayed with us here at The Buxton?  If so, did you have encounter with something not of this world?

Pic of Major Buxton

Major Buxton (Proprietor 1865-1905)


Pic of Bonnie Bounell

Bonnie Bounell (Proprietor 1934 – 1960)








  1. I have reserved room 9 for November 13 – 15 in hopes of collecting evidence. I am very excited to visit the Buxton for the first time!

    • Thanks Conni! We hope you have a great stay at The Buxton!

    • Coni,

      I will be staying in the same room the night of the 12th. We are getting married that day and decided to have dinner with friends and stay the night. I will make sure to inform the Lady in Blue and her cat that she will have company for the weekend.

  2. Congratulations! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

  3. My wife and I have stayed in room 9 several times. I have had two interesting experiences in that room. One night I was awakened by the very distinct feeling of a cat walking on the bed, and on another occasion, someone pulled the covers off of my shoulder. I immediately sat up and turned around, but saw no one. We always enjoy our visits to Granville, and can’t wait to return!


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