The Buxton Inn helps to welcome Hollywood to Granville – The shooting of “First Kill”

It all started in late July. A gentleman, by the name of Kris, came to visit the Buxton Inn. He said “I’m scouting for a movie.” I just thought it was a small movie. Maybe something affiliated with Denison or an independent film. Both of which we’ve had in Granville before. As we walk through the Inn Kris became more and more excited about the possibilities of using The Buxton for his film. We showed Kris all around the property. Including some of our vacant homes that are slated for renovation here shortly. Kris, Tony and myself seemed to have a lot to talk about. It was quite apparent that Kris really did understand and like The Buxton! As our visit ended he mentioned that this wasn’t just a little film.  That this was a Bruce Willis feature. We couldn’t believe it! The possibility of Bruce Willis coming to the Buxton Inn, possibly staying with us,  and shooting a scene was very exciting….to say the least!!

Kris assured us that he would be in touch. Letting us know either way what the director was interested in or had decided. We were under the impression, at the time, that the movie was slated to begin shooting in 2017. But we quickly came to realize it wasn’t going to be 2017…it was going to be this year.  As the days went by we waited on pins and needles to see if The Buxton had been chosen for a scene or even multiple scenes. Then the call finally came. There I was, one random Monday afternoon, I received a text from Kris saying, “Hey we are in town with the director and the production designer and about 12 other people. They want to come and see the wine cellar. They are very interested!”. Luckily I was there as it is usually my one day off.  Everyone was very nice, gracious and really seemed interested. As our visit came to an end the director came up to me and said, “We would like to use the wine cellar. Is that an OK question?”. “Of course” I said “we would love to have you!”.

After that meeting it seemed like weeks went by before we got the official date, time and contract was put together. Eventually all of that was in order and the filming of the First Kill bunker scene started on September 11th, 2016.  

As the story goes a mother, father (played by Hayden Christiansen!!!), and daughter escape by going down into a dark, old, and dirty bunker.  And so the process began.  Niko, the production designer, and her staff began removing everything…tables, chairs, pictures, light fixtures etc. They brought in old furniture, canned goods, camp lighting, oil lamps, and a rustic wood flooring.  To top it all off they brought in leaves to give it a wind blown appearance. The transformation was a lot of fun to watch.

The day of the shoot brought a lot of excitement to The Buxton Inn! Hayden Christiansen was kind enough to pose for pictures and take an interest in the history of The Inn and Granville.  It felt like a once in a lifetime experience.  The opportunity to be a part of the making of a Hollywood film without ever leaving this sleepy little town of Granville that we all love so much.

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  1. Way to go, Jennifer! So proud of all you’ve accomplished!


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