The 2016 Lodging Partner of the Year Impact Award Goes To….

Every year Explore Licking County host’s the IMPACT Awards. It is a way to bring together Licking County’s tourism family and celebrate its’ game changers. Here is what Explore Licking County had to say about The Buxton Inn when they announced us as the 2016 Lodging Partner of the Year!!

204 years is a long time. Easy math tells us that for more than 20 decades, or nearly 75,000 days, the lights have been steadily burning at 313 East Broadway. For all of those days, months and years an innkeeper has opened the door to one of Ohio’s most treasured landmarks and simply said …” Welcome” to whomever was on the other side of the heavy, wooden front door. Countless numbers of people have crossed the threshold of the 2016 Lodging Partner of the Year IMPACT Award winner’s doorway. Some of them notable figures in history, but more often than not, it has been people looking for a respite from the ordinary. With a renewed and renovated sense of place in the 21st Century and owners with determination of steel…the salmon colored paint, the parade of cats, the courtyard fountains and infamous room number 9 will continue to give up their stories of the past, for generations of comfort seekers to come.

From all of us at The Buxton Inn to all of you who have stayed with us, ate with us, or stopped in for a quick drink….Thank you for making 2016 a great year!

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