Happy Presidents’ Day

Do places hold memories? Are the stories written into the fabric of the building? Can you walk into a building and know there are stories to be told?
Over the last 205 years travelers have crisscrossed our great state and many of those travelers have stopped and stayed at the Buxton Inn, creating and telling their own stories. Three of these travelers include President Abraham Lincoln, President William H. Harrison, and President William McKinley.
Due to oral and written history we know some of the stories that are part of the fabric of the Buxton Inn. One of these stories includes the then General William H. Harrison, who was an acquaintance of the original owner of the Inn, Orrin Granger, and frequent visitor of the Inn. On one visit “in a display or cheerful bravado, Harrison rode his horse up the courtyard steps into the Buxton Inn’s ballroom where a party was underway”.
But it is also fun to dream about where the leaders of the country might have sat or slept in the Inn. What were they discussing? Who were they meeting with? Was President Lincoln shaking hands and kissing babies drumming up votes for his 2nd election?
Celebrate Presidents’ Day Weekend with a trip to the Buxton Inn and create your own stories.  While you are visiting us could you be sleeping in the same room as President McKinley? Could you be sitting in the same spot as President Lincoln?


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