The Buxton Inn, where it has been and where it is going

In the village of Granville there is a unique part of American history called the Buxton Inn. Over the last 200 years many people have visited, eaten a meal, and stayed overnight at the Inn. Some people have been more notable then others, like Harriet Beecher Stowe, Yo-Yo Ma, and yes, even President Abraham Lincoln. The Buxton was an early stagecoach stop, saw the War of 1812, and was part of the Underground Railroad. The history is intriguing and the future is exciting.

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Happy Presidents’ Day

Presidents at the Buxton Inn.
Do places hold memories? Are the stories written into the fabric of the building? Can you walk into a building and know there are stories to be told?
Over the last 205 years travelers have crisscrossed our great state and many of those travelers have stopped and stayed at the Buxton Inn, creating and telling their own stories. Three of these travelers include President Abraham Lincoln, President William H. Harrison, and President William McKinley.

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The 2016 Lodging Partner of the Year Impact Award Goes To….

Every year Explore Licking County host’s the IMPACT Awards. It is a way to bring together Licking County’s tourism family and celebrate its’ game changers. Here is what Explore Licking County had to say about The Buxton Inn when they announced us as the 2016 Lodging Partner of the Year!! 204 years is a long time. Easy math tells us that for more than 20 decades, or nearly 75,000 days, the lights have been steadily burning at 313 East Broadway. For all of those days, months and years an innkeeper has opened the door to one of Ohio’s most treasured landmarks and simply said …” Welcome” to whomever was on the other side of the heavy, wooden front door. Countless numbers of people have crossed the threshold of the 2016 Lodging Partner of the Year IMPACT Award winner’s doorway. Some of them notable figures in history, but more often than not, it has been people looking for a respite from the ordinary. With a renewed and renovated sense of place in the 21st Century and owners with determination of steel…the salmon colored paint, the parade of cats, the courtyard fountains and infamous room number 9 will continue to give up their stories of the past, for generations of comfort seekers to come. From all of us at The Buxton Inn to all of you who have stayed with us, ate with us, or stopped in for a quick drink….Thank you for making 2016 a great... read more

The Buxton Inn helps to welcome Hollywood to Granville – The shooting of “First Kill”

It all started in late July. A gentleman, by the name of Kris, came to visit the Buxton Inn. He said “I’m scouting for a movie.” I just thought it was a small movie. Maybe something affiliated with Denison or an independent film. Both of which we’ve had in Granville before. As we walk through the Inn Kris became more and more excited about the possibilities of using The Buxton for his film. We showed Kris all around the property. Including some of our vacant homes that are slated for renovation here shortly. Kris, Tony and myself seemed to have a lot to talk about. It was quite apparent that Kris really did understand and like The Buxton! As our visit ended he mentioned that this wasn’t just a little film.  That this was a Bruce Willis feature. We couldn’t believe it! The possibility of Bruce Willis coming to the Buxton Inn, possibly staying with us,  and shooting a scene was very exciting….to say the least!! Kris assured us that he would be in touch. Letting us know either way what the director was interested in or had decided. We were under the impression, at the time, that the movie was slated to begin shooting in 2017. But we quickly came to realize it wasn’t going to be 2017…it was going to be this year.  As the days went by we waited on pins and needles to see if The Buxton had been chosen for a scene or even multiple scenes. Then the call finally came. There I was, one random Monday afternoon, I received a text from Kris saying, “Hey we are in town with the director and the production... read more
Renovations! Renovations! Renovations!

Renovations! Renovations! Renovations!

A lot of headway has been made here at the Inn since we last blogged.  2 event spaces, 2 dining rooms, and 6 guest rooms have been renovated. 2 king guest suites have been added, 4 buildings have been painted, and a new chef and pastry chef have joined us. Our heads are spinning with all the great things happening here.  We look forward to seeing you here throughout the year to check out the wonderful... read more

The Buxton Inns’ Haunted History

There is nothing more All-American than Fall in Granville, OH.  The leaves are changing, the community is bustling with visitors, and village homes are decorated with carved pumpkins and spooky spider webs.  Setting the perfect scene for a visit to The Buxton Inn. As you may or may not be aware The Buxton Inn is known to be one of the most haunted places in Ohio.  Making us the perfect October destination. The most talked about ghostly experiences stem from two of our more infamous proprietors.  Bonnie Bounell (aka The Lady in Blue) along with her cat Major and Major Buxton (whom the cat was named after).  Both Buxton Inn owners dedicated their lives, some would also say their after-lives, to this place.  Bonnie and her cat, Major, are typically experienced in their former residence which is now known as room #9.  The smell of Bonnies sweet perfume is said to linger while many of our guests have claimed to be awoken by what felt like a cat snuggling up to them in the middle of the night. Major Buxton, owner from 1865-1905, seemingly prefers to be encountered in the main dining areas.  There was a time here that sightings of him were so prevalent that employees would set a spot for him in the dining room.  While we don’t do that any more his presence has still been seen meandering the downstairs hallways. Personally, I find the odd going’s on of late a bit more interesting.  This summer we were working on one of our guest houses.  Our maintenance man placed a furniture dolly on the grass next... read more



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