The Buxton Inns’ Haunted History

There is nothing more All-American than Fall in Granville, OH.  The leaves are changing, the community is bustling with visitors, and village homes are decorated with carved pumpkins and spooky spider webs.  Setting the perfect scene for a visit to The Buxton Inn. As you may or may not be aware The Buxton Inn is known to be one of the most haunted places in Ohio.  Making us the perfect October destination. The most talked about ghostly experiences stem from two of our more infamous proprietors.  Bonnie Bounell (aka The Lady in Blue) along with her cat Major and Major Buxton (whom the cat was named after).  Both Buxton Inn owners dedicated their lives, some would also say their after-lives, to this place.  Bonnie and her cat, Major, are typically experienced in their former residence which is now known as room #9.  The smell of Bonnies sweet perfume is said to linger while many of our guests have claimed to be awoken by what felt like a cat snuggling up to them in the middle of the night. Major Buxton, owner from 1865-1905, seemingly prefers to be encountered in the main dining areas.  There was a time here that sightings of him were so prevalent that employees would set a spot for him in the dining room.  While we don’t do that any more his presence has still been seen meandering the downstairs hallways. Personally, I find the odd going’s on of late a bit more interesting.  This summer we were working on one of our guest houses.  Our maintenance man placed a furniture dolly on the grass next... read more

What is your history? Where does your history begin?

The Buxton Inn began 202 years ago as a tavern with boarding rooms. Over the years, the Buxton has served as much more than an inn. Its history includes being a stagecoach stop, a gathering location for troops before departing for war, a space to welcome dignitaries, as well as, a place to rest your head and have a great meal. As brand new owners, we are preparing to lead the Inn into the 203rd year of business. We find it important to breathe new life into this special place while preserving and restoring its historic character. And most importantly, sharing its stories. As a matter of fact, if you are a long-term friend of The Buxton Inn, you will notice some renovations have already occurred . We removed the carpet in The Bonnie Bounell Room to find the original oak floors with walnut pegs dating back to 1856. Amazingly, the floors were in wonderful condition and with a little help from our great craftsmen, brought back to their original glory for everyone to enjoy. Other improvements include updating 13 of 25 overnight guest suites, painting the buildings exteriors and refreshing the landscapes. The updated rooms keep the historic feel of the Inn with the antique furniture & beautiful hard wood floors but keep you comfortable with modern amenities.We continue to work hard to usher The Buxton Inn into this new era, ensuring it is ready for all of the new uses that will be required of it. **Our goal is to keep fans updated on all the great things happening here at The Buxton Inn through this blog. Check back... read more

The Buxton Inn is going to start blogging!

Along with all the new and great things going on here at The Buxton Inn we are now going to add blogger to the resume. Early next week we will post our first official message.  Up for discussion is anything and everything related to our quaint little Inn here in Granville, OH.  Whether it be about our lengthy history, the ghost’s said to roam our establishment, or the going’s on around town it is all up for discussion.  You, the reader, can also feel free to Facebook us or submit a comment below to let us know what you think and would like to learn more about. We look forward to seeing you back here next week!... read more

Inn the News

One of the newspaper articles about the change of ownership at The Buxton Inn. A sweet good-bye to The Orr Family & and a big hello to The Schilling Family & Historic Buxton Inn LLC. Newark Advocate December 4,... read more



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